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Traditionally used for inventory tracking, UHF RFID tags are highly common. Their long-distance read-range and decreasing chip cost has led to tags being used in practically every type of product, whether embedded in a product during production, or applied during retail phase.

The ubiquitous nature of UHF RFID tags has significant privacy and OpSec ramifications. Tags originally used to provide product traceability can be used to detect, track and identify individuals or Operational Units.

Increasingly, UHF RFID tags are embedded in products, and cannot be physically accessed to remove or disable the chips.

The UHFKill is the world's only UHF RFID deactivation device, purpose built for wireless, permanent disabling of UHF RFID tags.

The UHFKill comes in two variants, Standard and Embedded.
The "Embedded" version is specifically designed for micro-sized UHF tags embedded in certain products (notably eye-ware). If you are unsure which version you need, please contact customer support.

While we recommend the NFCKill for Low-Frequency and High-Frequency RFID tags, The UHFKill is designed specifically to overcome challenges presented by UHF RFID tags:

  • UHF Antennas are typically "wing"-style, which makes current induction more challenging as opposed to traditional coil-style antennas.
  • UHF Tags are often embedded within products (shoes, clothes, equipment) - making accessibility and alignment more challenging.
  • Lack of industry-standard antenna configurations makes wide-coverage deactivation difficult.

The UHFKill is an industrial-grade tool providing coverage of over 98% of UHF RFID tags. Use cases include:

OpSec / Privacy:

  • Destruction of UHF tags embedded in shoes & clothes which can be used for tracking / detection / identification.
  • Destruction of UHF tags embedded in industrial products


  • Industry: Disabling RFID tags where the supplier does not provide the tag password
  • Industry: Disabling UHF tracking tags embedded to control brand and limit item resale.


  • Disabling anti-theft RFID tags that were not disabled by the retailer
  • Destruction of UHF tags embedded in shoes & clothes which can be used for tracking / detection / identification.

Functionality in a glance

Below is a non-exhaustive list of what the UHFKill brings to the table.

Permanent UHF RFID Deactivation

Wirelessly disables 98% of UHF RFID Tags in the market

Operational Team "Must-Have" Tool

Rapidly and permanently sanitize tracking tags in clothing & shoes used by tactical teams.

Industrial-Grade Tool

Built to rapidly disable multiple tags at once.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 245 x 85 x 80 mm
  • Antenna Size: 160 x 150mm
  • Weight: 2.5KG
  • Voltage: 10 - 14VDC
  • Current: 6A (Max)
  • Instantaneous Power: 15kW
  • Operating Range: 5cm
  • Pulse Frequency: 5Hz
  • Device Operating Lifecycle: > 1,000,000 cycles

Compatible Tags:

  • All passive UHF RFID tags
  • UHF RFID Tags: 800 - 960MHz
  • Gen1 / Gen2
  • 98% coverage of common antenna formats

What's included

  • 1x UHFKill
  • 1x Power Supply (EU Plug)
Please note: Each product is made to order - typical dispatch within 5 days of ordering.

Product Introduction: UHFKill



UHFKill Demonstration: Embedded Tags in shoes