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RFID Badges

Cloning RFID tags requires specially crafted blanks tags. As RFID technology and security has evolved, blank tags have also evolved, providing advanced functionality.

In the 125KHz (low-frequency) family, the T55 chipset has become the defacto standard, capable of emulating practically every modulation and data-rate combination across the 125KHz tag families.

In the 13.56MHz (high-frequency) family there are multiple protocols - the most well-known being MIFARE® - which includes MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE DESFire® and NTAG®.

"Magic" blanks are tags that are not only compatible with the original chip, but also provide extended functionality useful for pentesting / security researchers: modification of the normally immutable UID and SAK values, rewriting counter, and providing additional security-measures such as UID locking.

High-Frequency Magic Tags are classified by "generation" - which describes how the badge is written or behaves, or which writing hardware it is compatible with.

For more information, see our detailed article "Know your magic tags"

LAB401 has organised its badges by type, UID length and generation to facilitate finding the exact card you require quickly. Likewise, our RFID Pentester Tag Pack provides sets of tags with deep discounts.

Please note: for tags for the ICopy-X please see our dedicated iCopy-X Tag Packs page.