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Lab401 Wholesale / B2B Program

Join the Lab401 Reseller Program to boost your site, brand, sales and customer reach. Partners have access to exclusive products, deep discounts, priority support, logistics assistance and even regional exclusivity.

What we provide

  • Incredible Products
    High quality, industry renowned exclusive products
  • Logistical Support
    Delivery from the EU (VAT Free for EU States) or Asia
  • Earning Opportunities
    Reasonable MOQs, high margins, deep discounts, regional exclusivity

Who can become a partner?

Anyone can become a wholesale / B2B partner, as long as you meet our MOQ requirements and accept our terms and conditions.

Access to the Wholesale Platform requires manual onboarding.

Please send an email to and complete all requested information.

Logistics and duty

Lab401 can dispatch products from its EU warehouse or Shenzhen warehouse.

Products dispatched from the EU warehouse are DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) - meaning that for EU intra-community deliveries, all VAT obligations are fulfilled. 

Products dispatched from the Asian warehouse are DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) - meaning that clients may be subject to pay a customs / import fee by their country.

All deliveries are tracked door to door. Delivery costs will be invoiced.
Intra-community EU deliveries can be dispatched by standard package delivery (La Poste) - or via courrier (Chronopost).

All shipments from the Shenzhen warehouse will be delivered by TNT or DHL.


Payment can be made by Bank Transfer (SEPA, SWIFT) or crypto.

Customers are responsible to pay for all wire / bank transfer fees.
For SWIFT payments, this means setting the fee choice to "OUR" (not "SHA").

Orders will not be released until the full invoice amount is paid.

Reseller Terms and Conditions

Lab401 Reseller Partners have significant advantages which are subject to the Reseller Program Terms and Conditions, which can be summarized as:

  • Respect Lab401 trademarks and copyright
  • Respect Product trademarks and copyright
  • Respect Regional exclusivity
  • Respect Recommended Retail Pricing

Resellers selling Flipper Devices are subject to further conditions:

  • Resellers cannot use Flipper trademarks in their URL ("FlipperStore.xx")
  • Resellers must provide the URL(s) where the Flipper products are sold. Failing to provide all URLs where devices are sold may result in take-down notices.
  • Resellers cannot claim, explicitly or implicitly, an official relationship with Flipper Devices.
    The phrase "Authorised Reseller" is acceptable.
    Terms such as "Official Partner", "Official Distributor", etc - cannot be used.
  • Performing any of the following will result in removal from the Reseller Program:
    • Presales (Selling products before receiving stock)
    • Split Sales / Drop-Shipping
    • Misrepresenting stock levels

Apply now

Please send an email to and complete all requested information.