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microSD Card for Flipper Zero

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Expand the on-board storage of your Flipper Zero up to 32GB.

By plugging in a microSD Card, firmware updates, RFID tags, remote-control databases, payloads and scripts can all be stocked without having to juggle for memory like it was 1995.

Important note: The Flipper Zero uses the SPI-interface on microSD cards, not the standard SDIO interface. As a result, many off-brand / grey market / cheap SD cards will not work, or not work reliably with the device.

This microSD brand and model were tested by Lab401 and are directly sourced from the supplier and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Please note: This microSD card is included by default in the Flipper Zero Standard and Flipper Zero Complete Packs!

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 11 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm
  • Format: FAT32 (32 GB)
  • Performance (SDIO): 100MB/s Read, UHS-I Speed Class, U1, V10 (32GB-128GB) 
  • Warranty: Lifetime