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Keysy LF RFID Duplicator & Emulator

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The Keysy LF Duplicator and Emulator is a powerful pocket-sized device for copying and emulating LF RFID tags.

The device can hold four LF tags, which can be written off the device at a later time onto the Keysy LF tags.

Tag reading is rapid and subtle - place the device on top of the target badge, and it will be automatically saved.

Tags can be immediately emulated / replayed, or written out onto a physical badge.

The device supports dozens of LF / 125KHz badges via its highly optimised RF interface.

With its discreet looks and powerful performance, the Keysy LF RFID Copier is a must-have tool for pen-testers. 

Functionality in a glance

Below is a non-exhaustive list of what the Keysy RFID Copier/Emulator brings to the table.

Rapid 125KHz Sniffing

Place the device against the target tag.

Instant Emulation

Tags can be instantly replayed multiple times.

Write sniffed tags

Saved tags can be written to physical badges.

Technical Specs

Supported Cards:
  • HID Prox (Proxcard, ISOProx, ProxKey)
    (Emulation not supported on multiClass readers, can still clone to rewritable)
  • HID Indala (Motorola Indala)
  • EM400x, EM410x, EM420x
  • Noralsy (KCP3000)
  • Farpointe Pyramid
  • Keri (KC-10X, MT-10X, PKT-10X)
  • Kantech ioProx
  • DoorKing (DKProx) [Not DKProx Long Range]
  • AWID (Low frequency only – CS-AWID, GR-AWID, KT-AWID, PW-AWID)
    (Emulation not supported, can still clone to rewritable)
  • Radio Key (SecuraKey RKKT-01, RKKT-02)
  • Viking
  • Visa2000
  • Schlage IBF iButton (RFID portion only)
  • T55x7 compatible keycard/keyfob
  • Most unencrypted LF tags

Detailed functionality

  • Instant read (place device on target card)
  • 4x emulation slots (Unlimited use)
  • Write saved card / slot to physical badges
  • Instant emulation (detects RF Field)
  • Privacy Mode (only emulates when selected)

What's included

  • 1x Keysy RFID Emulator / Cloner
  • 1x Keysy LF Blank Badges


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