Keysy Blank LF Tag - Pack of 5

Keysy Blank LF Tag - Pack of 5

  • €24.99

High quality low-frequency badges compatible with the Keysy LF RFID Cloner. Waterproof, dust-proof; built from high-quality ABS and stainless steel.

Keysy Blank LF Tag - Pack of 5

Please note: This product is sold in Packs of 5

If you want to write sniffed / saved tags from your Keysy LF RFID Cloner onto physical badges, you'll need these Keysy Blank Badges.


The Keysy LF Badges are built to last:

  • ABS Plastic with Stainless Steel Spine
  • Waterproof / dust-proof / shockproof
  • High performance miniaturised antenna
  • Compact aesthetic design


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