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HackRF One

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When the HackRF One launched in 2014, it completely redefined the pentest/hacker community: an completely affordable, hugely capable, open-source device that allowed anyone to receive, decode, modify, replay and transmit any signal from 1MHz to 6GHz.

The HackRF One's hardware is often refreshed. Lab401 stocks the latest version: Revision 10.

Before the existence of the HackRF, RF research and manipulation was restricted to RF wizards with arcane hardware skills, or government/industrial facilities with unlimited budgets. Justly; the HackRF One was funded by DARPA.

Software Defined Radio ushered in a new era: where raw processing power could perform tasks previously restricted to hardware, and thus allowing anyone with a computer and a modest budget to dissect RF.

Since its initial release, there are dozens of highly specialised SDR tools, but the HackRF One remains the staple tool for hackers, pentesters and RF enthusiasts - due to its simplicity, cost and wealth of tutorial information available.

The HackRF One requires an external computer to control it, or the PortaPack device, which allows untethered use of the HackRF, with massive built-in functionality.


The HackRF is a half-duplex transceiver operating between 1MHz - 6HGz with up to 20MHz of bandwidth.

It is compatible with all major SDR suites across multiple platforms: GNU Radio, SDR#, SDR_Radio, Universal Radio Hacker, QSpectrumAnalyzer.

There are extensive tutorials and toolkits available for working with the HackRF One.

The versatility of the HackRF One render it useful across multiple disciplines and tasks:

  • Remote Control Analysis: Analyse, replay and emulate car remotes, alarms, garage remotes, etc.
  • GPS Manipulation: Block, manipulate or adjust GPS signals for location-aware devices
  • GSM research: IMSI capture and analysis.
  • Bluetooth sniffing: Sniff, capture and analyse Bluetooth and BLE traffic.
  • Advanced RFID Analysis: Analyse and communicate with all RFID tags, regardless of their frequency.
  • Standard SDR functionality: ADB-S Tracking, satellite-communication, packet-sniffing, signal analysis, etc

    Low-cost pro SDR tool

    Powerful and affordable.

    Receive and transmit

    Half-Duplex RX/TX capability

    Industry Standard

    Wealth of tutorials and resources.

    Community Backed

    Plug'n'Play compatible with all major SDR suites.

    RF Specifications

    Characteristic Value
    Frequency Range 1MHz-6GHz
    RF Bandwidth 20MHz
    Sample Depth 8 bits
    Sample Rate 20MSPS
    Transmitter Channels 1
    Receivers 1
    Duplex Half Duplex
    Interface USB 2.0
    Programmable Logic Gates USB 2.0
    Chipset MAX5864, MAX2837, RFFC5072
    Open Source Fully Open Source
    Transmit Power -10dBm+ (15dBm @ 2.4GHz)

    HackRF vs BladeRF

    Lab401 stocks two SDR systems: the HackRF and the BladeRF. If you're looking for a professional, all round system, we recommend the HackRF. If you research GSM / need to make BTS / BaseStations, we recommend the BladeRF.

    HackRF BladeRF
    Large Frequency Range Full Duplex (OpenBTS compatible)
    Receive and Transmit Receive and Transmit
    Online resources & software support Programmable FPGA
    Cost Affordable Full-Duplex

    Half-Duplex (No BTS capability)
    USB 2.0 Closed Source

    What's included

    Standard Pack

    • 1x HackRF One (with case)
    • 1x MicroUSB Cable
    • 1x ANT500 General Purpose Antenna

    Shipping & Packaging

    • Each HackRF is dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
    • Packed in a sturdy compact 85x130x45mm box.
    • We provide worldwide shipping with express options.

    Compatible Systems

    • Windows/macOS/Linux/Android (Specific Builds)
    • GNU Radio / SoapySDR / SDRange / SDR Console / SDR # / MathWorks MATLAB®

    HackRF Resources

    HackRF Tutorials HackRF Technical Resources