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#Pentestips : adding keys to the iCopy-x

#Pentestips : adding keys to the iCopy-x

This video will present you how to update the list of keys on the iCopy-X, to read and crack the 1 Kilo RFID badge more efficiently.

In this video we will quickly see how a standard 1-kilo badge works, then we will learn how to update the list of keys included in the iCopyX, and finally, we will see how faster the device is with this update.

First, let's see quickly how a badge works. You can use the software HxD ( or any other hexadecimal editor to view and edit your dumps. Inside the badge, you have a series of 16 sectors, each protected by 2 keys (Key A and Key B).

In this example, these are the keys JcRhFw (4A 63 52 68 46 77) and SfSdLe (53 66 53 64 4C 65), and FF FF FF FF FF FF at the end of the badge.

In order to read and write a specific sector, you need to know these keys. Please also note the very first line of the dump contains the UID of the badge.

In this example, it is FA 7C 7B 3A.

In order to make a duplicate, the iCopyX device can crack the unknown keys by various attacks, but the more keys you know upfront, the easiest and quickest it is to fully crack a badge.

Here is the procedure to add new keys to your device:

1/Turn On the device

2/Navigate to PC-Mode

3/Connect the device to your PC via USB

4/Wait a few seconds that your computer installs a few drivers

5/Press Start on your device (either of the top 2 buttons)

6/Wait for the device to connect to the computer, after a few seconds, you will have a new Disk (ICOPY-X) on My Computer. Open that disk.

7/Open folder "keys" and then "mf1". Here is the current list of keys of your device, called "mf_user_key.dic"

8/Open it with your favorite notepad editor.

9/Go online and check the link:

10/Copy the content from this page and paste it on your notepad editor. Save, Exit, you are done.

11/Close the ICOPY-X folder, and press "Stop" on your device to disconnect from the PC.

You can now duplicate more badges, more easily and more quickly!

Check out Lab401 for more details and integrate the iCopy-X into your pentesting arsenal.

Get your iCopy-X:


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