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The USBNinja is a highly covert USB exploit framework allowing for wireless remote triggering of custom payloads.

While dormant, the USBNinja functions as a regular USB Cable: Data Transfer, Recharging, etc. However, when triggered (via smartphone or dedicated long-range antenna) - it executes its preprogrammed payload on the host device.

Emulating keyboard and mouse actions, payloads are completely customisable, and can be highly targeted.

Undetectable by firewalls, AV software or visual inspection, the USBNinja is an ideal tool for penetration testers, police and government.

Functionality in a glance


Invisible to firewalls, anti-virus and visual inspection.

Highly targetable

Customise payloads to match specific environments.

Wireless triggering

Payload can be triggered wirelessly at any time.

What's Included

The USBNinja is available individually or in packs.

Individual Standard Kit Complete Pack
Version 1 Cable
USB-C / MicroUSB / Lightning
1 Cable
USB-C / MicroUSB / Lightning
3 Cables
USB-C & MicroUSB & Lightning
Remote No Yes Yes
Programming Ring Yes Yes Yes

Product Presentation: USB Ninja

Usage Instructions

The USBNinja has three distinct modes:

  1. Programming
    Because the device acts as a standard USB cable, it needs to be pushed into programming / DFU mode. This is done by using the "Programming Ring".

    The Programming Ring must be placed on the host-side plug within three seconds of being connected to the programming / host computer.

    This will place the device in programming mode, and allow for payloads to be uploaded to the device.

    Programming is possible via the standard Arduino IDE.

  2. Deployed
    The device is 'Deployed' when it is connected to the target machine.
    It will operate as a standard USB cable, allowing for data transfer and power transfer. It is able to stay in this state indefinitely until it is triggered.

  3. Triggered
    The device is triggered wirelessly via Bluetooth. It can be triggered by smartphone, or by dedicated remote control.

    Typical smartphone trigger distance is up to 7 meters.
    Typical remote control trigger distance is up to 50 meters.

      Technical Specifications

      • Cable Physical Characteristics
        • Length: 1 m
        • Color: white
        • Connector options: Micro-USB, USB Type-C, Lightning
        • Voltage range: 4-25 V (supports fast charging)
        • Current consumption: 10 mA (typical)
        • Full-rate USB data transmission
      • Remote Control
        • High-powered Bluetooth wireless (customizable name and password)
        • Battery: 3.6 V, 40 mAh, rechargeable
        • Standby current: 80 μA
        • Transmission current: 30 mA
        • Range (under ideal conditions with antenna):
          • 30 m with 2 dBi, 3 cm antenna
          • 50 m with 3 dBi, 11 cm antenna
          • 100 m with 18 dBi directional panel antenna
      • Mobile App
        • Alternative to remote control for triggering payload
        • Open source and freely available
      • Programming
        • Payload programmable with standard Arduino IDE (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android)
        • Access bootloader with non-contact magnetic ring
        • Source code provided for example payload

      Technical Resources:

      USB Ninja Source Code

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