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Ultimate Magic Card (Gen4)

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Ultimate Magic Card (Gen4)

The Ultimate Magic Card is multi-purpose emulation card, supporting customisable card type, card configuration and functionality mode.

It is essentially a completely configurable emulation platform in card format.

This card is compatible with the Flipper Zero.

Configurable Card Types
The Ultimate Magic Card contains presets of multiple card types:

  • MIFARE Mini
  • MIFARE 1k S50 4 byte UID
  • MIFARE 1k S50 7 byte UID
  • MIFARE 1k S50 10 byte UID
  • MIFARE 4k S70 4 byte UID
  • MIFARE 4k S70 7 byte UID
  • MIFARE 4k S70 10 byte UID
  • Ultralight
  • Ultralight-C
  • Ultralight Ev1
  • NTAG

As below, all ATQA/ATS/ATS values are freely configurable allowing for emulation of other or custom chipsets

Configurable Parameters
The card supports configuration of the following parameters:

  • Preset Card Type
  • UID
  • UID Length (4-byte / 7-byte / 10-byte)
  • SAK (1 byte)
  • ATQA (2 bytes)
  • ATS (Custom length / Disable)

Configurable Functionality
The card has several modes of operation, depending on your requirements

  • Shadow Mode
    Shadow Mode, or "Write once then forget" mode, allows the card to be pre-configured with data. When next updated (ie, via a card reader / access control reader), modifications are temporarily maintained.

    The modified data can be read once, and then the card reverts to its pre-configured state.

    Shadow Mode is purpose built for in-the-field operations. Previously a card would have to be written, used, read and re-written manually; Shadow Mode takes care of this without any additional hardware.

  • Recovery Mode
    If the card is poorly configured, it can be pushed back into Recovery Mode - preventing unintentional bricking.

  • Auto-BCC Calculation
    The card automatically calculates BCC values, saving time and avoiding making the card undetectable.
  • Password Protection / One-Time-Write Emulation
    Configuration commands can be protected with a customisable password; it will not respond to magic commands or direct writes to restricted values unless the correct password is given, allowing the card to function as a "One-Time-Write" card.

Programming Compatibility
The card can be programmed on multiple platforms:

  • iCopy-XS (via the menu with LUA scripts) or in PC-Mode
  • Proxmark3 RDV4.01 (via manual commands or LUA scripts)
  • LibNFC (via manual commands)
  • Windows Platforms + LibNFC reader/writer (via GUI software)

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