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PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate

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The Marauder Ultimate has been developed for the discreet, autonomous capture of RF data, typically keypress of keyfobs (alarms, cars, gate openers…).

The Marauder can be set up to automatically listen and record all RF data on pre-configured frequencies. Captured data is automatically demodulated and saved internally in the product's internal memory.

RF data can be replayed when needed using the dedicated Android application.

The Marauder is compatible with other PandwaRF Tools, including the PandwaRF Rouge Gov, allowing for a full capture-analyse-attack cycle.

Once started, the Marauder is entirely autonomous.

System Overview

The Marauder Ultimate consists of two elements: The hardware device, and the Android-based management tool.

LEA Advantages

The Marauder Ultimate provides several functions conceived for LEA operations.

Fully Standalone & Autonomous

Device can work autonomously. Operations can be resumed if disturbed or target exposure time is limited.

Data export & Replay

Captured data can be rapidly exported, analyzed and replayed.


Device can record data simultaneously on two per-configured frequencies.

Signal Intelligence

Device can work autonomously. Operations can be resumed if disturbed or target exposure time is limited.

Function / Signal Inversion

Automatically generate "inverted signals" from your captures: Turn a "LOCK" into "UNLOCK" or "ARM" into "DISARM"/

Automatic Signal Identification

Easily identify devices, brands and models based off your captures - useful to filter against target's known devices or identify and correlate signals.

Filter by brand / model

Filter captured signals by model & brand to rapidly triage targeted devices.

Integrated Device Operation

The Marauder is directly compatible with other PandwaRF Tools. Data captured autonomously by the Marauder can be imported, to perform signal analysis to determine the make and model of the signal. Once identified, the signal type (ARM/DISARM/OPEN/…) can be inverted (ARM to DISARM, CLOSE to OPEN, etc). This way a single RF message captured from the target remote is enough to impersonate the full range of actions.

Covert Configurations

Change the device's Bluetooth signature to avoid detection. Bypass Android's Location-Tracking services to avoid digital traces.

Extended Warranty, Premium Support

Extended 3-year warranty, premium support and 1-week product replacement policy.

Technical Specs

  • Bluetooth Smart Module ISP130301, based on nRF51
  • 2x CC1111 Low-Power SoC with Sub-1 GHz RF Transceiver
  • 512 Mbit Flash Memory to save custom RF protocols
  • Rechargeable battery powered for stand-alone operation
  • Real-time battery status
  • SMA connector (compatible with a HackRF Antenna, or our antenna)
  • Deactived LEDs
  • No product branding
  • Debug Connectors & GPIO


  • Supports ASK/OOK/MSK/2-FSK/GFSK modulation
  • 300-928 MHz band
  • 10000 Bits/s data rate

What's included

  • 1x PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate
  • 1x USB OTG Male-Male Cable
  • 1x Micro USB female to USB Type-C male Converter
  • 1x Protective Case
  • 3x Antennas (300-400MHZ, 400-500MHZ, 800-1000MHZ range)
  • Reinforced Transport Case
Shipping & Packaging
  • Each device is dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
  • Packed in sturdy protective packaging
  • We provide world-wide shipping with express options.

Compatible Sysems

  • Android 4.0.1 Minimum, 4.3 Preferred
  • Linux: Debian, Ubunto, CentOS, etc (All Versions)

PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate Resources

Premium Support
Each Marauder Ultimate comes with priority technical support from Lab401 and the manufacturer.
Lab401 can provide comprehensive training workshops via its accredited partners. Please contact us for more information.