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InputStick RAT

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The InputStick Remote Admin is an ultra-small, incredibly powerful USB Remote Access Tool with wireless Bluetooth capabilities packed into a regular looking USB stick. It can be accessed with any BLE smartphone:

  • Range: up to 10m
  • HID interfaces: keyboard, mouse, gamepad, consumer control
  • Radio interface: Bluetooth 2.4GHz, BT5.2 (updated version)
  • AES-128 (CBC mode) encryption on a protocol level
  • Password protected
  • Undetectable by all anti-virus software suits
  • Most covert Hardware RAT commercially available

Functionality in a glance

Below is a non-exhaustive list of capabilities of the Input Stick.

Undetectable & Discreet

After installation, undetectable & 100% remotely controlled

Secure & Encrypted

Sent data is encrypted, impossible to snoop without authorization.

Technical Specs

Key Features
  • Size: 57 x 19 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 8g
Supported Devices
  • USB compatibility: any USB host, any OS (must support HID)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility: Android 4.3 or later, iOS
  • PC: Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Works in BIOS and in safe mode
  • Game consoles, smart TVs, DVRs
  • Android, iOS (requires micro USB/lightning to USB adapter)
  • Embedded systems (Raspberry Pi etc.)

What's included

  • 1x InputStick

    Shipping & Packaging

    • Each InputStick is dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
    • Packed in a sturdy compact box.
    • We provide worldwide shipping with express options.

    If you are an educational facility, reseller or need several units, please contact us.


    Android/iOs apps
    • InputStickUtility : Google Play InputStickUtility
      • Global background service (required by most of InputStick-compatible apps)
      • Manage multiple InputStick devices
      • Pair your Android device with InputStick
      • Firmware upgrade via Bluetooth
      • Remind to remove your device from USB port (once disconnected)
      • Manage connection parameters
      • Manage security settings (encryption & password protection)
      • Modify InputStick USB descriptors


    • USB Remote: Google Play USB Remote / App Store USB Remote
      • Keyboard (use your soft keyboard or custom keyboard screen)
      • Mouse/touchscreen (3 buttons, scroll wheel)
      • Presentation remote
      • Macros (record actions in real time or use built-in editor)
      • Group macros into customizable panels for easy access and single click execution
      • Dictation (uses voice recognition built in your soft keyboard, text can by typed on PC in real-time)
      • Voice commands: execute pre-defined actions while dictating
      • Numerical keyboard
      • Media remote (playback, volume)
      • Type from clipboard, text files, SMS and email messages
      • Scan & type QR codes and bar-codes
      • Home screen widget shortcuts for executing macros, typing text etc.
      • Works as Tasker app plugin
      • Supported keyboard layouts
        • Croatian ("hr-HR")
        • Czech ("cs-CZ")
        • Danish ("da-DK")
        • Dutch ("nl-NL")
        • English (UK) ("en-GB")
        • English (US) ("en-US")
        • English (International) ("en-US-int")
        • English (Dvorak) ("en-DV")
        • Finnish ("fi-FI")
        • French ("fr-FR")
        • French (Linux compatible) ("fr-FR-linux")
        • French (Belgium) ("fr-BE")
        • French (Canada) ("fr-CA")
        • French (Switzerland) ("fr-CH")
        • German ("de-DE")
        • German (Mac compatible) ("de-DE-mac")
        • German (Switzerland) ("de-CH")
        • Greek ("el-GR")
        • Hebrew ("he-IL")
        • Hungarian ("hu-HU")
        • Italian ("it-IT")
        • Norwegian ("nb-NO")
        • Polish ("pl-PL")
        • Polish (Linux compatible) ("pl-PL")
        • Portuguese ("pt-PT")
        • Portuguese (Brazil) ("pt-BR")
        • Russian ("ru-RU")
        • Slovak ("sk-SK")
        • Spanish ("es-ES")
        • Swedish ("sv-SE")


    • KP2A Plugin: Google Play KP2A Plugin
      • Allows to type data (passwords) stored in Keepass2Android password manager
      • Type username and password
      • Type login page URL directly into your web browser
      • Type individual characters from your password ("masked password" often used by online banks)
      • Type text from the system clipboard
      • Type codes from Google Authenticator, SMS or other apps (via clipboard)
      • Create custom macros to automatize entire login procedure
      • Remotely control your PC (keyboard & mouse)

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