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GreatFET One

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If you've ever asked yourself the question: How do I talk to this piece of hardware : The GreatFET one is the answer.

Rounding up multiple individual tools in a powerful, complete, easy-to-use package, the GreatFET one is a hardware hacker's best friend.

Out-of-the-box use cases include:

  • Logic Analyser
  • Hardware debugger
  • USB Sniffer
  • Pattern Generator
  • Bit-Banger
  • Data logger
  • Reverse engineering

The GreatFET One has ample hardware features:

  • Native Serial Protocol support: SPI, I2C, UART, JTAG
  • Programmable Digital I/O
  • Programmable Analog I/O (ADC/DAC)
  • 100 GPIO Pins
  • Dual USB Ports (Fullspeed for target devices, Highspeed for host device)
  • On-board 3.3V regulator
  • 2MB Onboard flash
  • 4x Programmable LEDs
  • 2x Programmable Buttons
  • Expansion shields or "neighbours"

Robust Software

The GreatFET's killer feature is its software: a comprehensive Python 3 API that covers all all of the GreatFET's hardware features.

The use of Python APIs allows hackers to connect, interact and develop on the same device: No need to debug your debugger, no need to string together multiple tools.

As with all devices from Great Scott Gadgets, the GreatFET One is fully open-source, with comprehensive documentation online.

The GreatFET One pairs well with the Daffodil, a shield designed to make breadboarding and semi-permanent prototyping easy.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU : NXP LPC4330
  • Memory : 2MB Onboard
  • Host USB : Highspeed MicroUSB
  • Target USB : Fullspeed MicroUSB
  • I/O :
    • 100 pins
    • 2x 2x20 female headers
    • 20x male headers
  • LEDs : 4x
  • Buttons : 2x

What's included

  • 1x GreatFET One
  • 1x USB-A - MicroUSB cable
  • 1x "Wiggler" for safe shield separation

Technical Resources