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BugBlat miniSniffer 2

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The BugBlat miniSniffer v2 is a powerful USB Sniffer / Protocol Analyser and USB inspection and debugging device.

The V2 combines the performance and large on-board capture buffer (256MB) of the ezSniffer, and the compact form-factor of the miniSniffer V1.

Compact, powerful and cross-platform, it is bundled with a mature cross-platform software suite for capturing and displaying USB traffic.

The miniSniffer 2 is a special purpose logic analyzer. An on-board FPGA samples the USB signals, compresses the samples, and sends the compressed data to an analysis PC via the FX2LP's buffered high speed USB link. Software on the analysis computer decompresses the samples and converts them into a visual flow.

Data can be sniffed and saved onboard for later analysis : the miniSniffer V2 has 256MB of storage, and supports on-the-fly compression to double your effective storage.

    Functionality in a glance

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of the miniSniffer's advantages:

    Budget USB Analysis

    Full-speed and high-speed USB Analysis

    Fully Cross-Platform

    Bundled software works on Windows, Mac and Linux

    Pocket-sized Inspection

    Highly capable yet half the size of a credit card.

    Detailed functionality

    • Disconnect and reconnect USB devices. This makes it straightforward to capture startup packets, including descriptors.

    • Compresses captured data. It can capture up to 256MB of compressed data.

    • Sniff USB Full-Speed (FS) device traffic at 12Mbit/s.

    • Sniff USB High-Speed (HS) device traffic. 480Mbit/s High-Speed devices power up as FS devices and then attempt to move up to HS. The ezSniffer prevents HS devices moving from FS to HS, so the ezSniffer can sniff these devices as well.

    Technical Specifications

    • Size: 50mm x 33mm (2.0" x 1.3")
    • Host side: USB-C Connector
    • Device side: USB-A and MicroUSB
    • Power Consumption: 0.15W
    • Power Supply: No external supply required.

    What's included

    • 1x BugBlat miniSniffer
    • 1x Cross-Platform Analysis Software

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