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Lab401 Certified Training Workshops

Lab401 provides specialised training workshops by industry experts. With subjects covering all elements of pentesting from physical to RF, the workshops provide practical, real-world reflexes backed by a comprehensive theoretical knowledge.

Courses are designed to have minimal prerequisite knowledge, making them both accessible and useful to all clients profiles, from enthusiast to expert.

Physical Pentesting with Covert Entry

Alexandre Triffault

Physical penetration without infraction is a cornerstone of penetration testing.
Clients of all experience levels will leave this workshop proficient physical penetration testers.

Focused on hands-on training, clients will pick locks, bypass deadbolts and safety doors, mold keys, decode keys from a picture, learn privilege escalation on simple and advanced masterkey systems, identify and duplicate RF and RFID credentials...

After three days training, clients will have the skills and tools necessary to audit and enter a vast array of locations, including public (hotels, etc), commercial (offices, headquarters, warehouses) and industrial sites (critical infrastructure: power, security, etc)

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RF Hacking with Software Defined Radio

Sébastien Dudek

In this 3-day workshop, clients will learn about Software-Defined Radio applied against physical intrusion system (alarms, intercoms, various remotes, etc.). This course provides basics, survival reflexes when testing real-world radio devices and methods to go further. Compared to similar workshops, this class focuses on building a deep of understanding of publicly available tools, and how to build custom tools to analyze and attack targeted systems.

Featuring theoretical and practical elements with emphasis on one-on-one attention, clients will leave with immediately practical techniques for attacking radio devices in real-world environments, such as red-teaming and pentesting.

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Hacking and Securing BLE and RFID devices

Slawomir Jasek

Over three days clients will receive theoretical and practical training on all aspects of BLE and RFID penetration testing.

Clients will learn BLE basics, sniffing, dumping, spoofing, MITM, jamming, replaying and relaying techniques, and how to apply them a variety of real-world BLE devices: smart locks, beacons, mobile Point-of-Sale devices, banking tokens and more.

RFID training comprehensively covers introductory to advanced subjects; Basic theory, hardware & tools used to detect, manipulate, sniff, crack, emulate and clone various RFID systems.

Extensive training material, hardware, devices and software are included with the course materials.

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