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PortaPack for HackRF One

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Important note: The Official PortaPack has been discontinued due to critical component shortages. This page will be updated if the product becomes available again.


The HackRF One redefined the pentest/hacker community as a completely affordable, hugely capable, open-source SDR device.

The PortaPack for the HackRF transforms the HackRF One into a stand-alone, portable device. The on-board firmware provide vital functionality for pentesters: Receive / Transmit / Replay / Scan, with dozens of baked in high-level functions: GPS-Spoofing, Jamming, Key-Fob tools, ADS-B/AIS, Bluetooth, and much, much more.

The PortaPack plugs directly into the HackRF One, and is protected by a rugged milled aluminum case - with no modification or soldering required.

Functionality in a glance

Portable SDR Tool

No need for an external computer

Built-in functionality

Dozens of pre-built applications

Solder Free

Plugs directly onto your HackRF


Constantly Improved Firmware


Everything you need in a portable SDR system is included: built-in touch-screen LCD, tactile buttons and scroll-wheel, headphone jack, microSD card slot and high accuracy clocks.

The PortaPack's firmware is upgradable - and we recommend using the Mayhem Firmware - which provides the following built-in functionality across multiple tasks without requiring an external computer:


  • ADS-B: Receive and analyse ADS-B (Aviation) Signals, with the ability to display real-time locations on a map.
  • AIS: Receive and analyse AIS (Marine) Signals
  • AFSK: Receive, demodulate and analyse AFSK Signals
  • Bluetooth: Sniff MAC addresses of BLE devices
  • NRF: Decode NRF24L01 signals, commonly used for drones
  • Audio: Decode WFM/NFM/AM
  • Spectrum Analyser: Waterfall spectrum analyser for detecting signals
  • Analog TV: Decode and watch Analog TV signals, commonly used on FPV drones
  • ERT Meters: Decode ERT Meter signals
  • POCSAG: Sniff and decode pager signals
  • Radiosonde: Sniff and decode RadioSonde signals, commonly used in weather stations
  • TPMS: Decode TPMS sensors (used in car tires)


  • ADS-B: Spoof ADS-B (Aviation) Signals
  • APRS: Transmit APRS packets, commonly used for GPS, weather stations and other various telemetry
  • GPS: Spoof GPS signals
  • Jammer: Multi-band jamming
  • Key Fob: Key-fob capture, replay and emulation for multiple models of remotes
  • Morse Code: Morse code transmission tool
  • Burger Pager: Spoof "Burger Pager" (Restaurant pager) signals
  • POCSAG: Send Pager signals
  • SSTV: Send SSTV Signals
  • RDS: Send RDS messages
  • OOK: Send OOK Packages

Sniff / Capture:


  • Automatic Signal Scanning across a frequency, with automatic signal-lock when a detected signal passes a specific threshold.

Additional Tools:

  • Frequency Manager
  • File Manager
  • Signal Generator
  • Wave Viewer
  • SD Card Tools

Device Specifications

  • Screen: 2.4 Inch 240x320 RGB LCD with Resistive Touch
  • Tactile Controls: Arrow Keys, Rotary Wheel, Select Buttons
  • Headphone / Mic Socket: 3.5mm headphone / microphone jack
  • Internal Coin Battery: Coin battery for RTC & Settings storage
  • MicroSD Card Slot: For data import / export
  • Case: Milled Aluminium

What's included

Standard Pack

  • 1x PortaPack (without HackRF)
  • 1x Aluminium Case

HackRF Pack:

  • 1x HackRF One
  • 1x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1x ANT500 General Purpose Antenna
  • 1x PortaPack
  • 1x Aluminium Case

Shipping & Packaging

  • Each PortaPack is dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
  • Packed in a sturdy compact 85x130x45mm box.
  • We provide worldwide shipping with express options.

Compatible Systems

  • Windows/macOS/Linux/Android (Specific Builds)
  • GNU Radio / SoapySDR / SDRange / SDR Console / SDR # / MathWorks MATLAB®

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