USBKill V4

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Latest iteration of the USBKill - fully wireless, multiple trigger modes including remote control and delayed attack. Comes with full range of accessories and adaptors.

USBKill V4

The USBKill is a device that stress tests hardware. When plugged in power is taken from the USB power-lines, multiplied, and discharged into the data-lines, typically disabling an unprotected device.

Used by penetration testers, hardware manufacturers, law-enforcement and industrial clients world-wide, the USBKill has been adopted the industry standard for USB Stress-testing.

The USBKill V4 caters specifically to industry needs: significantly more powerful, more flexible, more covert and more compatible.

The included USBKill V4 Shield works detects and deflects USB Power Surge attacks, and also functions as a 'USB Condom' - protecting users from 'Juice Jacking' - data exfiltration via untrusted USB chargers.

More Powerful

Stronger discharge, bypass all known USB-C & Lightning security

New Attack Modes

Smart-phone, BLE Remote Control, Time-delay, Hidden Magnet Trigger and Classic.

Test Everything

15+ Adaptors: Lightning, USB-C, MicroUSB, Ethernet, HDMI, DisplayPort and more.

Fully Wireless

Configure, trigger and monitor via smartphone or optional remote control.

Powerful Hardware Update

The USBKill has evolved beyond a simple plug-and-zap device. The new V4 hardware framework enables advanced functionality and performance.

Aside from more powerful discharges and improved stability, the V4 has an internal, rechargeable battery, which allows for "Offline Attacks" - where the host device is not turned on. "Offline Mode" also bypasses all known USB-C and Lightning (Apple/iPhone) security protocols, rendering the V4 the ultimate device for testing smartphones and modern hardware.

Advanced Attack Modes

The USBKill has evolved, and so have the ways to use it. V4 Introduces single pulse and continuous pulse attack modes. By default, the V4 will not activate until triggered - giving pentesters and LEA ultimate discretion. The V4 can be triggered in multiple ways:

  • Remote Trigger: Trigger a single or continuous attack via optional dedicated remote control, up to 100m away from the device.
  • Smartphone Trigger: Control and trigger single or continuous attacks via the included Android smartphone app.
  • Timed Attack: Schedule a date and time when the USBKill will trigger. The V4 can stay dormant without power for over 200 days.
  • Magnetic Trigger: Trigger the USBKill with a magnet (stylish and covert magnetic ring included) by passing your hand over the device.
  • Classic Mode: Triggers the instant it is plugged into a USB drive.

What's Included

Product Pro Kit
Tactical Kit Product Summary
USBKill V4 Basic
✔️ Simple device: Offline Attacks, Magnetic Trigger, No wireless
USBKill V4 Pro ✔️ ✔️ Pro device: All attack modes, trigger modes and wireless
USBKill V4 Classic
✔️ Original "plug and zap" device on V4 framework
Trigger Ring
✔️ ✔️ (x2) Magnetic Trigger Ring for covertly triggering USBKill V4
USBKill V4 Shield
✔️ (x2) Detect and deflect USB Power Surge attacks & Juice-Jacking
Basic Adaptor Kit ✔️ ✔️ USB-C, Lightning, MicroUSB, MiniUSB, USB-A Female
Advanced Adaptor Kit
✔️ USB-B Male, USB-B Female, VGA (DB15), HDMI Male, HDMI Female-Female, DisplayPort Male, DisplayPort Female-Female, RJ45 Male, RJ-45 Female
Remote Control
✔️ Trigger the USBKill V4 Pro from up to 100m
Tool Case ✔️ ✔️ Protect and store your devices

Compatible Systems

  • USB-Based Hardware, including:
  • USB-C - Apple MacBook, etc
  • Lightning - Apple iPhone, etc
  • MicroUSB - Mobile phones
  • USB-A: Any device that connects via USB Cable
  • HDMI: Televisions, Projectors
  • DisplayPort, VGA: Monitors
  • VGA/HDMI Female: Computers, HDMI cables, etc
  • Ethernet / Ethernet Female: Network Devices & Cables
  • USB-A/USB-B Male & Female: USB devices connected via cable (Peripherals, Printers - any USB compatible device)

USB Kill Resources

Demonstration Videos & Resources

Shipping & Packaging

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Product Presentation: USB Kill V4 Pro Kit


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