Shark Jack

  • €79.99

Rapid and powerful network reconnaissance on a keyring.

Customisable payloads allow for fully automated network operations and data exfiltration.


The Hak5 Shark Jack is a powerful keyring-sized network auditor.
Always ready for opportunistic engagements or when advanced physical access is unavailable - the Shark Jack provides and automated scriptable environment and even packs an SSH shell.

Functionality at a glance

Optimised for Penetration Testers and System Administrators, the Shark Jack is designed for discrete, rapid network reconnaissance, exfiltration and automation.

The Shark Jack draws from the field-proven Hak5 hardware framework: The Hak5 Payload Architecture, Multi-mode operation (Arm / Attack), LED feedback, simplified data exfiltration and a fully-featured SSH shell.

The default payload performs an nmap scan of the target network, saving data to the device for simple exfiltration.

The Shark Jack is powered by an internal Li-ion battery, which can be rapidly charged via the USB-C port. At full charge, the device will provide an impressive 10 - 15 minutes of fully standalone operation.

Seriously Small

Always-Ready keyring form-factor

Single Switch Operation

One switch to attack, one to exfiltrate.

Fully Scriptable

Create or download payloads rapdily


Supports Rapid USB-C Charging

What's included

  • 1x Hak5 Shark Jack
  • 1x Quick-Start Guide

Technical Specifications

  • Supports Native 10/100/1000 Base-T Fast Ethernet
  • SOC: MT7628DAN
  • Size: 62 x 21 x 12mm
  • 1x USB-C Port
  • 1x RJ45 Port
  • Internal Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
  • Cap + Keyring Attachment

Shipping & Packaging

  • Each Shark Jack is dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
  • Packed in a sturdy compact 85x130x45mm box.
  • We provide worldwide shipping with express options.

Compatible Systems

Plunder Bug Technical Resources

Getting Started Tutorials Payload Development Scripts Repository


  • Products are dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
  • Packed in sturdy packaging to protect your product.
  • We provide world-wide shipping with express options.

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