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O.MG Malicious Cable Detector

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This is the updated (2023) version of the product.

The O.MG Malicious Cable Detector is a device designed to detect and protect against malicious cables such as the O.MG cable or the USBNinja.

The device samples a connected cable 200,000 times per second to analyse USB traffic. If traffic is detected - the cable can be considered to be malicious.

The Cable Detector can also be used as a "USB Condom" - allowing you to charge devices while it blocks the data lines, to eliminate the risk of "juice jacking".

The device's behaviour can also be extended via its 6-pin ISP header with the standard Arduino IDE. There's even a serial breakout, should you need to provide further output information.

Usage Instructions

Using the Malicious Cable Detector is incredibly easy:

  1. Plug the Malicious Cable Detector to a USB-A Port
    The Malicious Cable Detector needs power to operate. It can be plugged into any standard USB-A port or USB Battery.

  2. Connect a cable to test
    Plug a suspect cable into the Malicious Cable Detector.
    Important: Ensure that the cable is not plugged into anything else.

  3. Triage
    If the Malicious Cable Detector's LED shows signs of activity, this indicates that the cable is actively trying to send data / manipulate the host device.

      Technical Specifications

      • Compatibility
        • All USB-A Cables
      • Programming
        • Arduino IDE

      Technical Resources: