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RFID Range Extenders

Original price €35.00 - Original price €45.00
Original price
€35.00 - €45.00
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Cable Length: 30cm


The RFID Range Extender is a unique passive antenna system built for a variety of use-cases.
  • Boosting the range of unstable / under-performing antennas (up to 7cm)
  • Physically displacing the reading zone of a device (up to 50cm)

No wiring or soldering required, and compatible with all RFID systems - simple place the host antenna next to the host device, and its RFID field is amplified and transferred to the client antenna. Each antenna comes with 3M double-sided tape for easy permanent attachment.

Available with a 30cm or 50cm cable.
Compatible with all 13.56MHz RFID systems.

    Functionality in a glance

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of the RFID Range Extender Features

    Boost weak antennas

    Boost weak / unstable RFID fields.
    Boost reading range up to 7cm.

    Displace reading zones

    Physically displace reading zones.
    Available in 30cm or 50cm varieties.

    No power, no solder

    Completely passive. Place antennas next to host and target tag.

    Detailed functionality

    Featuring a pair of tuned antennas coupled with a premium low-loss coax cable, the RFID Range Extender has applications across multiple industries:

    • Pen Testing:
      • The slim-profile (0.8mm) antennas can be easily hidden, allowing for discrete reading / sniffing of target tags.
      • The antennas can be placed behind / on top of existing readers to sniff legitimate badge scans
    • Industrial:
      • Boost the reading range of devices with underpowered embedded readers / antennas
      • Protect devices by keeping them in a more practical / safe / clean environment, and only exposing the reading element.
    • Practical:
      • Social-distance aware reading: allow clients to scan badges without approaching or touching the host device
      • Create a physically separated "reading zone" for devices with sensitive antennas, such as mobile phones

    Technical Specifications

    • Size
      • Host Antenna: 35 x 35mm
      • Reader Antenna: 40 x 50mm
    • Reading Range
      • 30cm version: Up to 7cm (tested with ISO card + mobile phone reader)
      • 50cm version: Up to 5cm (tested with ISO card + mobile phone reader)
    • Power Supply: No external supply required.

    What's included

    • 1x RFID Range Extender

    RFID Range Extender: Product Demonstration