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Bus Pirate 5

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The Bus Pirate is the world's best known hardware hacking / debugging / development device. Whether you're debugging hardware, tinkering with unknown devices, flashing micro-controllers, sniffing unknown protocols, side-channel attacks, prototyping new PCBs .. the Bus Pirate has you covered.

The Bus Pirate's killer feature is its built-in terminal: Instead of fighting with multiple tools, exotic protocols, frustrating voltage levels and rewriting code for every project - simply connect to the full-colour VT100 terminal.

Configure the device you're working with, whether it's a known protocol or something exotic, and send commands directly to your device : chips, sensors, etc - the Bus Pirate handles the heavy lifting - without writing a single line of code.

The Bus Pirate 5 is the culmination of over 10 years of hard work and relentless development, and features an incredibly dedicated and active community.

Terminal Interface

Full colour (VT100) terminal with real-time pin status (voltage + function), system configuration and direct command CLI.

Full Colour IPS LCD

Configurable pin labels, real-time voltage monitoring and current consumption of the programmable power supply unit.

Key Features

  • Bulldozer buffered IO - 1.2 to 5volt direct interfacing with 8 bidirectional buffered IOs
  • Voltage measurement extravaganza - Bus Pirate 5 displays voltage readings for every pin, right on its vibrant LCD screen and in the terminal statusbar
  • Current measurement - Get a reality check by monitoring current use in real time
  • Programmable power supply - 1 to 5volt output, 400mA max, for powering all kinds of devices
  • Programmable current limit - A 0 to 500mA programmable hardware fuse sets current limits that keep your projects safe and sane
  • A big colorful display - Keep track of pin assignments, voltages and current
  • Color terminal and statusbar - VT100 terminal emulation for that modern 1970s feel
  • Just One Button - A dedicated button for automating repetitive debug commands while you're wrist deep in circuits
  • Auxiliary Header - A second header to easily connect logic analyzers and other tools. Stop struggling to fit multiple probe hooks on tiny chip leads

The Bus Pirate has a full range of accessories, available in a pack, or individually.

  • Premium Probe Cable Set: color-coded, labeled leads, breadboard pins
  • Premium Auxiliary Cable Set: color-coded, silicone-coated wires
  • Auxiliary cable: color-coded crimp housings
  • KF141 connector board: right angle, labeled IO pins
  • Raspberry Pi Pico right-angle connectors.

Bus Pirate 5 - Unboxing

What's included

  • Standalone
    • 1x Bus Pirate v5
    • 1x Injection Molded Enclosure
    • 6x Interchangeable buttons
    • Custom-scent scratch-n-sniff stickers

  • Complete Pack
    • 1x Bus Pirate v5
    • 1x Injection Molded Enclosure
    • 6x Interchangeable buttons
    • Custom-scent scratch-n-sniff stickers

    • Auxiliary Cable Set
    • Probe Cable Kit
    • KF141 Connector (Right Angle)
    • Raspberry Pi Pico Connecter (Right Angle)

Device Specifications

  • Cores: 2x32-bits @ 125MHz RP2040/ARM
  • Flash: 128Mbits
  • Storage: 1GB NAND (100MB Usable)
  • Display: 320x240 IPS all-angles
  • Magic Peripheral: RP2040 PIO module
  • Terminal: VT100 color with live statusbar
  • LEDs: 18 RGB LEDs
  • IO Pins: 8x IOs @ 1.2 - 5.0v
  • Pull Up Resistors: 8x Pins
  • ADC / Voltage Measurement: All pins
  • Power Supply: 1 - 5v
  • Current Sense: 0 - 500mA
  • Programmable Fuse: 0 - 500mA

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