Undetectable MIFARE Classic® Compatible 1K - One Time Write UID

Undetectable MIFARE Classic® Compatible 1K - One Time Write UID

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MIFARE Classic® 1K Compatible Blank UID tag - One Time Write UID

Need to make perfect, undetectable clones for 1K cards? 

Many access control systems / RFID readers are now able to detect "Chinese Magic" tags by sending the "Unlock Command" (0x40 / 0x43). If the badge replies, it is flagged as an imposter / clone and rejected.

Exclusive to Lab401 - Our tag allows the UID to be set one time only - and after that - the tag never responds to magic commands. This allows you to make undetectable, perfect clones.

Once the UID has been set, the tag acts as a normal 1K compatible card. You can change the data of the card as many times as required - we've tested up to 10,000 read/write cycles. 

Remember: This badge's UID can only be set one time.

These tags are red and in key ring form for convenience.

  • Supports fully unlocked read / write
  • LibNFC / nfc-mfclassic compatible
  • LibNFC / nfc-setuid compatible
  • Proxmark 3 compatible
  • Android compatible


Make 100% undetectable perfect clones of your existing 1k badges quickly and easily. Fully compatible with all readers / writers.


These tags are made to last - our chipsets are guaranteed for over 10,000 R/W cycles, and come in a water-proof case.

100% Undetectable

Once the UID is set, the tag never replies to magic commands - making it undetectable. 

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Hands on: See the card in action

Like all cards supplied by Lab401, the MIFARE Classic® Compatible1K UID Changeable card is compatible and integrated into all of your favourite tools: Proxmark 3, libnfc, etc.
Using the cards is incredibly simple - check out the demonstration below.


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