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Rubber Ducky

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This is the updated (2023) edition of the Rubber Ducky with USB-C and USB-A connections!

The Hak5 Rubber Ducky is an automated USB-Keystroke Injection Platform. Pocket-sized, powerful and cross-platform, when plugged into a device, the Rubber Ducky emulates a keyboard and executes its payload, typing at over 1000 words per minute.

Whatever you could do via keyboard on a machine, the Rubber Ducky can do, but better, faster and covert.

Available with or without the official Hak5 Rubber Ducky Field Guide (50 pages) - perfect for hitting the ground running.

Platform Overview

Regardless of operating system (MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android) - all modern devices implement the notion of trusted devices - that is devices that a system will automatically trust and accept without the need for confirmation or drivers.

HID ("Human Input Devices") - Keyboards, Mice, etc are the cornerstone of this trust system. Across all platforms - Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android - devices have complete trust of keyboards.

The Rubber Ducky abuses this trust. By masquerading as a keyboard, it is able to deliver keystrokes at highspeed.

Payloads are completely customisable, and the Rubber Ducky is backed by the Hak5 Community - hundreds of payloads are available.

Although it is infinitely configurable, common use cases include:

Penetration Testing

Whatever you could do in front of a keyboard, the Rubber Ducky can do faster. Steal passwords. Establish RATs. Exfiltrate data. Install backdoors. Poison DNS.
If you've got access to an unlocked system, put the Rubber Ducky to work for you.

System Administration

Leverage Keystroke Injection to automate repetitive tasks. Log cleaning, forensics, system updates. Let the Rubber Ducky do the typing for you.

What's included

  • 1x Hak5 Rubber Ducky
  • 1x Quick-Start Guide
  • 1x Rubber Ducky

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 15g
  • Dimensions: 50x20x9mm

  • Atmel 32bit AVR Microcontroller AT32UC3B1256

  • 1x RGB Indicator LED
  • 1x Programmable Push Button
  • 1x JTAG Interface
  • 1x MicroSD Card reader

Shipping & Packaging

  • Each Rubber Ducky is dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
  • Packed in a sturdy compact 85x130x45mm box.
  • We provide worldwide shipping with express options.

Rubber Ducky Technical Resources

Tutorials & Guides Community Resources

Compatible Systems

  • Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10 (All Versions)
  • OS/X: 10.0 - 10.7 (All Versions)
  • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc (All Versions)
  • Android: Requires USB / OTG Support

Rubber Ducky Introduction Video

15-Second Password Hack Video

Stealing Files with the Rubber Ducky Video