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  • Chameleon Ultra DevKit

    Regular price €129.00

    Introduction The ChameleonUltra is built on a highly capable framework, making it a powerful RFID development platform. While the ChameleonUltra ha...

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  • Chameleon Lite

    Regular price €59.00

    Introduction The ChameleonLite is a low-cost, high-precision RFID emulator, optimised for 13.56MHz emulation, specifically MIFARE® and 14A Chipsets...

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  • Chameleon Ultra

    Regular price €129.00

    Introduction The Chameleon Ultra is the ultimate RFID emulation device : Low and high-frequency emulation, full read & write capabilities, blee...

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  • Lab401 Pentester Pack

    Starting at
    Sale price €460.00 Regular price

    Introduction The Lab401 Pentester Pack is a curated collection of the must-have tools used by pentesters every day. With this pack, you are equippe...

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  • Lab401 Flashing Multi-tool for Proxmark & Chameleon

    Sale price €29.99 Regular price

    Introduction The Lab401 Flashing Multi-tool allows reflashing of your important pen-testing hardware quickly and easily. Compatible with the Proxma...

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