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Help Save Flipper!

Help Save Flipper!

Pentesters and geeks - Flipper Zero needs your help.
The Canadian government has proposed a ban on Flipper Zero because it claims the device is being used to steal cars. This is not true. Sign the petition before the proposal is passed.

In just a few years, Flipper Zero has become so popular that it’s now surrounded by many myths. It’s no wonder that people in power are trying to make Flipper Zero illegal. As you might have seen in the news, the Canadian government plans to ban Flipper Zero as part of their efforts to combat auto theft.

We believe that proposals like this are harmful to security and slow down technological progress. They are usually made by those who do not really understand how security works and will do nothing to solve the car theft problem. In this post, we’ll explain why banning Flipper Zero instead of fixing security threats is not the solution.

You can help by signing a petition.

Learn more about what happened, and the Flipper Zero's Official Reponse, and full technical breakdown on why the Proposition is factually incorrect.


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