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Know your magic cards

Posted by Lab401 Steve on

Navigating the world of "Magic" RFID Cards can be difficult. Different suppliers have¬†different badges with¬†different abilities, and each version may have multiple generations. At Lab401, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have the latest and most stable versions of "Magic UID Tags". But before we can jump into the technical details - first a history lesson. In the¬†beginning¬†there was the¬†MIFARE CLASSIC¬ģ 1K card.Compared to the 125KHz tags at the time, which simply burped out a string of data, the¬†MIFARE CLASSIC¬ģ 1K was an advanced card.¬† Each individual card had an individual Unique ID. These¬†UIDs¬†blocks were managed between...

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