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  • #Pentestips : RFID Antenna Extender: How to use
    avril 30, 2021

    #Pentestips : RFID Antenna Extender: How to use

    This week's pentestip is a hands-on how-to with the RFID Antenna Extender. Manufactured by Lab401, these devices are a world-first: passively boost read/write/crack ranges to 7cm and displace reader zones up to 50cm.They are compatible with all 13.56MHz systems, and...

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  • #Pentestips : Multi RFID Keyfob
    avril 23, 2021

    #Pentestips : Multi RFID Keyfob

    This week's pentestip introduces the Multi RFID Keyfob: the "Emergency Chameleon" device. The Multi-RFID keyfob is an ingenious low-tech, low-cost solution:  It contains six independant RFID tags: 3x Low Frequency T5577 ("Universal" LF Tags) and 3x MIFARE Classic® Compatible 1K...

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  • #Pentestips : RFID Field Detector
    avril 14, 2021

    #Pentestips : RFID Field Detector

    We're excited to announce the launch of Lab401 #pentestips !
    Every Friday - we'll release one of our favourite pentesting tips, tricks or tutorials.

    This week's pentestip is on the Lab401 RFID Field Detector - a tiny, battery free device that quickly indicates when it detects and RFID field - and also whether it's Low-Frequency or High-Frequency.

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