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New Products

New Products

Lab401: New Products

Thanks to your feedback, we've added several new products to the store, including another exclusive product, the HydraFlash.

Another Lab401 exclusive product, the HydraFlash is a NAND Flash programming shield, compatible with the HydraBus tool. The HydraFlash makes programming NAND chips quick and painless, and comes with full software support in the HydraBus.

13.56MHz Reader/Writer with External Antenna
Working on an RFID/NFC project, and need a simple yet flexible RFID module? Lab401's 13.56MHz reader/writer is the perfect product. It's compatible with all your favourite development platforms (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and MacOS/Linux/Windows) via its built-in UART/SPI/I2C selector and 3.3 / 5.0v level shifters.

Proxmark 3 RDV Battery
Switch your Proxmark 3 RDV into stand-alone mode with this discrete yet powerful Proxmark 3 battery. Useful for pentesters and in-the-field diagnostics, it's a must have for the Proxmark tool.

Whether you've bricked your Chameleon Mini RevE, or are doing ATMEL development, the AVRISP mkII is a must-have tool, and now available from our shop.

The gold-standard of JTag programming, the J-Link V8 is a powerful debugging / flashing device, and also the device you need if you've happened to brick your Proxmark 3 RDV.

Chameleon Mini Adaptor Board
If you're wanting to reflash/unbrick your Chameleon Mini, instead of fighting with wires, soldering and poor documentation, this Chameleon Mini Adaptor Board makes your life easy: Plug it into the AVRISP mkII, and it connects directly to your Chameleon Mini. No muss, no fuss.

Proxmark 3 RDV Adaptor Board
Likewise, if you're working with your Proxmark 3 and the J-Link tool, our Proxmark 3 RDV Adaptor Board allows for plug-and-play connection, giving you guaranteed flashing results, without fighting connectors, soldering irons and frustrating connection issues.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Christmas Promo, and new exclusive products arriving soon!


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