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Back to work: Product launch & 10% site-wide promo

Back to work: Product launch & 10% site-wide promo

To welcome you back to your desk, the Lab401 team has been working hard over summer to launch new & exclusive tools.

We'll also be running a 10% store-wide promo from the 1st - 5th of September. Be sure to take advantage of this promo to get an incredible deal on the new products. Like always - everyone qualifies - there's no limits, no catches, and no coupons to enter - just grab the products you need and get 10% off.

We're proud to announce the product launch of the iCopy-X and iCS Decoder.
Both tools are exclusive to Lab401 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


It's finally here - the iCopy-X is the powerful portable RFID cloning device that everyone's been talking about.
Built on the Proxmark 3, its easy to use interface takes the hassle out of RFID cloning. It supports the majority of HF and LF cards on the market, and is a must have for pentesters and security researchers.

Check out the iCopy-X here.


The iCS Decoder is the world's first device that can decode and clone iCLASS SE and iCLASS SEOS badges. The device leverages an exploit that is enabled by default in SE / SEOS system to create legacy badges dervied from SE / SEOS badges.
The iCS Decoder is an accessory for the iCopy-X.

Check out the iCS Decoder here.

PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate

Purpose built for deaddrop / standalone signal capture, the PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate integrates with the PandwaRF Rogue Pro for full signal analysis, processing, brand and model detection and signal transformation.

Check out the PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate here.

Portapack for the HackRF

The PortaPack converts the HackRF One into the ultimate portable SDR multi-tool.
Dozens of built-in functions for sniffing, spoofing, recording, replaying and analyzing on the go. No cables or external computer required - the Portapack is a standalone, portable SDR solution.

Check out the PortaPack here.

With 10% off store-wide and new exclusive products - we hope that getting back to work is a little bit less difficult.

As always - if you have any questions or concerns - please reach out directly to our fantastic customer support:

Lab401 Steve.

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