📢 Summer Sale June 15 - 21

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To help everyone get back to business and to ensure you've got the latest kit for summer - from June 15 - 21, we have prepared one week of incredible daily deals.

Discounts will be automatically applied on the corresponding day. Each deal runs 24 hours - so mark your calendars, and don't miss out!

  • Monday June 15: FREE HydraBus with every HydraNFC
    The HydraNFC is a powerful RFID research platform, built off the HydraBus tool. On June 15 - buy a HydraNFC and the HydraBus is free.

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  • Tuesday, June 16: FREE Long-Range Antennas with every Proxmark 3
    The latest version of the Proxmark 3 RFID multi-tool allows for antenna swapping. For this deal, we're including both the Long Range HF and LF antennas - completely free!

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  • Wednesday, June 17:
    FREE RF Detector with every ChameleonMini RevG
    Our best selling bundle - the RFID Emulator Chameleon Mini RevG and the RF Field Detector. For one day only, your RF Field Detector is free!

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  • Thursday, June 18: FREE Field Guide with every Hak5 Product
    The Hak5 Field Guides are indispensible handbooks to getting the most from your Hak5 products immediately. June 18, grab a Hak5 product and its Field Guide is included free!

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  • Friday, June 19: FREE Remote with every USBNinja
    The USBNinja Remote enables triggering of the USBNinja from up to 100m. Worth 60EUR, it's free on Friday June 19 with every USBNinja.

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  • Saturday, June 20: FREE RFID Tag Starter Pack with every Proxmark 3
    Free with every Proxmark 3 on Saturday - our Pentester Starter Tag Pack. Over a dozen cards and 110EU of value - for free!

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  • Sunday, June 21: FREE RFID Android Tag Pack with every Proxmark 3
    The biggest deal for last - the Proxmark 3 with our RFID Android Tag Pack - over 20 specialised tags, 220EU of value - totally free.

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