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🥐🥖 Bastille Day Sale: July 13 - 14 - 15: Daily Deals !

From July 13 - July 15 Lab401 is celebrating Bastille Day with a series of great deals.

Discounts will be automatically applied on the corresponding day. Each deal runs 24 hours - so mark your calendars, and don't miss out!

We've also just added two new products to the store: the HackRF One and our exclusive Tiny RFID Detectors / NTAG213 Sticker Packs.

As an extra bonus, we're including a 5-Pack of our Micro RFID Detector NTAG213 Stickers in Red/White or Blue!

  • Monday July 13: FREE RF Field Detector with every Proxmark 3
    Free with every Proxmark 3 - our portable dual-frequency RFID field detector.Completely passive - no batteries required - allowing for rapid identification of RFID presence.

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  • Tuesday, July 14: FREE Long-Range Antennas with every Proxmark 3
    The latest version of the Proxmark 3 RFID multi-tool allows for antenna swapping. For this deal, we're including both the Long Range HF and LF antennas - completely free!

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  • Wednesday, July 15:
    FREE RFID Blocker Card with every Hunter Cat
    The Hunter Cat allows for detection of credit card skimming devices. Paired with our RFID Blocking Card - defend yourself and clients against malicious RFID & Skimming threats.

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