Lab401: Stock Update

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As several customers have noted, Lab401 is currently out of key stock (cards, Chameleon Mini).

A very successful sale, combined with shortages from critical suppliers and important Chinese holidays - means that we are find ourselves in back order.

We extend our sincere apologies for customers that we are unable to immediately supply. 

In the meantime, please consider signing up to our newsletter (form on the site footer). When we have stock, we will launch a sale exclusively for newsletter subscribers. Our list is strictly low volume and highly relevant.

At the same time, we still have ample stock of the following products:

Also - if you haven't already seen it - check out the Keysy LF Remote. It's a tiny, high performance LF sniffer/emulator/duplicator. It's an important tool for red-teamers and pen-testers.

If you've got any questions or comments - please reach out to

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