Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021: Get 10% off + free hardware!

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It's Black Friday / Cyber Monday! From November 26 - 29, get
10% off storewide, and free hardware with every single order.

As always, there's no limits, no hidden catches and no discount codes to enter - discounts are automatically applied at the checkout!

On top of the 10% discount, all orders get an RFID Blocker card, and then depending on your order value, one extra free tool - up to €80 value!

  • All orders get an RFID Blocker Card free !

  • For all orders between €50 and €100
    You get an RFID Detector free !

  • For all orders between €100 and €200
    You get an Multi RFID KeyFob Free !

  • For all orders over €200
    You get a Chameleon Tiny Standard Free !

Don't miss out on our biggest promo event of the year!

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