Proxmark Basics: Going Standalone with the BlueShark

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This video comes from Lab401 contributor Dominic Villeneuve of DHack Security, and is part of the Proxmark Basics series.

Episode 5 in the Proxmark Basics series introduces the BlueShark module for the Proxmark 3 RDV4.01.

The BlueShark module brings standalone functionality to the Proxmark 3 - allowing the device to be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Whether it's via smart-phone application, Windows, Linux or MacOS, full-device functionality is available via the standard Proxmark client, but without the need for any wires.

This wireless capability is useful for specific tasks, such as implanting the device, or red-teaming without raising suspicion.

However, if you're looking for a dedicated, standalone RFID duplication device, we recommend the iCopy-XS.

This episode concentrates on using your Proxmark 3 wirelessly with the Blueshark in Kali Linux - but the techniques also apply to Windows, Android and MacOS.

Tools Used:

Episode Resources

If you haven't already assembled and setup the device, you can refer to the Lab401 Academy article: Proxmark 3 + BlueShark Assembly + Installation

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