Mifare Reader Attack: Sniffing, Cracking, Emulation, Open! LAB401 Academy - CHAMELEON MINI Tutorial

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Thanks to Lab401 Academy, learn how Mifare 1K and 4K card security can be defeated with simple tools in minutes via the "Reader Attack".

This episode covers not only the theory behind the attacks but also takes you into the field for a real-world example.

This episode is run by physical pentesting expert FrenchKey (@FrenchKey_FR) - thank you very much!


"Reader Attacks" can be performed with a diverse set of tools, but the Proxgrind Chameleon Mini RevG makes the task incredibly simple.

Along with the ChameleonMini, you'll need the companion Chameleon Mini App for Android.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts - and make sure you subscribe to the Lab401 channel for all our latest videos.

LAB401 Academy team

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