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iCopy-X: Game Changing Firmware Update

iCopy-X: Game Changing Firmware Update

The latest iCopy-X firmware updates finally unleash the device as a complete standalone solution for pentesters and security professionals.

Writing uploaded and previously saved RFID dump files
Users can now write card dumps that were previously saved to the device, and upload dump files to the device to emulate or write them directly onto blanks.
This functionality allows for the iCopy-X to be used in red-teaming environments - save RFID cards during the reconnaisance phase, and analyse / modify / write them for the ingress phase.

Launch custom LUA scripts directly from the menu
Users can now access the full power of the on-board Proxmark module on-the-go by uploading and launching custom LUA scripts directly from the device menu.
No need to drop in to PC-mode, no need to have an extra Proxmark RDV4 'just in case' - this update finally makes the iCopy-X a real stand-alone device.

You can update your firmware easily here : https://icopyx.com/pages/update-your-icopy-x

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