Proxmark 3 RDV2 Bypasses Millions of Hotel Rooms

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InfoSec firm F-Secure, as widely reported, have managed to cracked Assa Abloy's Ving Card system using the Proxmark 3 RDV2.

The Proxmark 3 RDV appears to:

  • Read an original hotel card in Stand-Alone mode
  • Determine the Master Key for the Site Installation
  • Use this Master Key to generate a Master Badge for the Site
  • Emulate the badge in Stand Alone Mode.

From the information and videos surfacing in the press, it would appear that F-Secure have cracked the Ving Card encryption algorithm, allowing for unfettered access to any site.

In theory, this attack could be used to:

  • Snatch a card from a hotel patron, and access any room / area
  • Upgrade your own hotel card to an all-access card

A full explanation video can be seen here:

Implementations aside, this is a testament to the Proxmark's flexibility as a device, and its Open-Source framework, easily allowing for security professionals to adapt the device to their own requirements.

Proxmark Ving Card Crack DemonstrationProxmark Ving Card Crack Demonstration

Hotel Room Proxmark Master Card

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