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Lab401 is excited to present a brand new UI tool for the Chameleon Mini RevE.

With a huge thanks to iceman, who has put in a huge amount of work over the last few months, the Chameleon Mini UI tool is a powerful update on the previous version, and is also open source.

The new version supports automagic detection of:

  • Chameleon Mini RevE
  • Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted
  • Chameleon Mini RevG

The software allows for:

  • Slot management
  • Bulk-actions
  • Uploading / Downloading of dumps
  • mfkey32 aka "reader attack"

The settings tab provides:

  • Keep-Alive functionality
  • RSSI Voltage monitoring
  • Default downloading locations
  • Intelligent Bootloader, Flashing and Default Firmware Restoration functions

Grab a copy of the new software here.

If you enjoy the software, find a bug, or wish to contribute, the source is available on github:

Want to get a Chameleon Mini to get started? We've got them in stock - in our Pen Tester Pack, or as a standalone Chameleon Mini package - get yours shipped today.

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