Getting Started: Proxmark 3 & Low Frequency

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LAB401 ACADEMY: Getting started with the Proxmark 3 & Low Frequency Tags


First in a series by renowned RFID & Proxmark expert, iceman. 

Dive under the hood of the Proxmark 3 and Low Frequency tags. This tutorial covers the basics of setting up your device to work with LF tags, and puts the spotlight on the intricacies of scanning, plotting, importing, exporting and demodulating LF tags.

Subjects covered:

Getting Started
- Checking your hardware
- Client Commands & Shortcuts
- Using Help

Working with Low Frequency Tags
- Demodulation & Unknown Tags
- Save / Load / Plot Tag Data
- Determine Tag Types

Interested in getting started with these tools? We've made the Pentester Pack that contains all the tools from this tutorial - and some extra Magic Mifare cards.

Buying in a pack gives a massive saving of 66 Euros - check out the pack here.

Check out the video below.

Many thanks to iceman - stay tuned for more tutorials coming soon in this series.

Technical Resources:


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