#pentestips Using the iCopy-X as a proxmark

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As you may already know, the iCopyX is an autonomous device based on the Proxmark 3.
Most of the time, you will use it handheld, with its dedicated interface and buttons.
But if you want to go further, you can use it as a proxmark.

in today’s #pentestips we are Using our iCopy-X as a Proxmark.

While Using the icopy-x handheld, you can simply press the right arrow on the device while it’s working. It will display the proxmark console that works in the background.

you can zoom in using the right button on top and zoom out using the left button on top.

If you want to use the iCopyX as a true Proxmark, launch the PC-Mode on your icopy-x, then connect it to your PC, open the icopy-x drive and run the « run.bat » script.

at this point, a console will pop on your PC asking you what COM port is assigned to the iCopyX.

To find this information navigate in the Device Manager of your computer :
just type device manager in your windows search,

Input that number in the iCopyX console hit Enter. After a few seconds you get a genuine Proxmark console :

Now you can use all the standard proxmark commands on your pc.

Get your iCopy-X:

If you have questions, please contact support@lab401.com

Stay safe! and see you next time.

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