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AirDrive Serial Logger Max

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Lab401's AirDrive Serial Logger Max is arguably the world's most advanced hardware serial logger, providing asynchronous bi-directional RS-232 high-speed logging with built in wifi configuration and egress.

Not only acting as a wifi access point, the AirDrive Serial Logger Max also acts as a wireless bridge, allowing the device itself to stream captured data in real time, dispatch report emails and timestamp logs.

Setup is easy - connect the AirDrive Serial Logger to the target device, connect power via the provided USB-B cable, and the device will immediately start logging all data available on the bus, both upstream and downstream (RX and TX). No software or drivers are required.

It can be accessed and controlled via any Wi-Fi capable device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The device provides:

  • 100% Hardware-based logging
  • 8GB of encrypted storage
  • Configurable and controllable via wifi
  • Undetectable by all anti-virus software suits
  • Latest firmware pre-installed

Functionality in a glance

Below is a non-exhaustive list of capabilities of the AirDrive Serial Logger Max.

Undetectable & Discreet

Masquerades as a USB drive if plugged in. Control remotely via your phone.

Secure & Encrypted

Recorded data is encrypted, impossible to retrieve without authorization.

Real-time over-the-air streaming

Receive data in real time, emailed reports and much more.

Technical Specs

Key Features
  • 61mm x 31mm x 20mm
  • RX/TX Simultaneous Logging
  • Baud rates up to 115200 bps
  • 8GB Internal Flash Memory
  • Wifi Interface: WEP, WPA, WPA-2 security
  • Wifi-Bridge allows for:
    • Real time captured data streaming
    • Automatic emailed log reports
    • Timestamping
    • Off-site remote-control
  • Encrypted internal memory
  • Masquerades as an 8GB flash drive
Applications & Supported Devices
  • Any RS-232 Device (terminals, mice, modems)
  • Reverse-engineering data exchanges
  • Sensor & peripheral logging
  • Serial debugging

Management Interface

  • Device management via web-interface. No apps or software required
  • Management panel accessible from any computer, telephone, etc
  • Over-the-air data exfiltration

What's included

  • 1x AirDrive Serial Logger Max
  • USB-B side side socket for power
  • 1x Instruction Manual

    Shipping & Packaging

    • Each AirDrive Serial Llogger Max is dispatched from Europe - no need to worry about slow shipping times, import duties or damaged goods.
    • Packed in a sturdy compact box.
    • We provide world-wide shipping with express options.

    Product Comparison

    Lab401 carries two AirDrive Serial Logger devices. Find out which one suits your needs below

    Feature AirDrive Serial Logger AirDrive Serial Logger Max
    Internal Memory 16MB 8GB
    Wifi Access Point
    Wifi Bridge Capability
    Real-time streaming
    Email Reporting
    Flash Drive Capability
    Dimensions 61mm x 31mm x 20mm
    38mm x 20mm x 12mm

    AirDrive Serial Logger Max

    AirDrive Serial Logger Max Unboxing