Free PocketSprites & Holiday Schedule

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Celebrate the end of 2019 with Lab401..

We're giving away free PocketSprites with every order over 500EU!

The PocketSprite is the world's smallest portable gaming device, and a must-have item for geeks. Based on the ESP32, it emulates GameBoy, Gameboy Colour, NES, Sega Master System.. and is entirely hackable.

We only have limited stock, so get in before they all disappear.
Qualifying orders will have the device automatically placed in their package in the warehouse.

Our thanks to the team for helping make this promo happen!

Holiday Warehouse Closures

Please note that the warehouse will be closed from December
22 to January 2. All orders received during this date will be processed and dispatched on January 3.

On behalf of everyone at Lab401, please have a safe and relaxing new year period. We have many exciting projects coming in 2020 - stay tuned!


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