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10% Sale, New Products, Lab401 Workshops

Whether you're in the office or remoting, we're all back to work in one form or another. We've been hard at work as well, adding several new products and features to Lab401.

To mark the occasion, from October 1 - October 5, we are offering 10% off storewide.

New Products:

  • USBKill V4 (Pro and Tactical Kits)The USBKill has been updated specifically for pentesters and LEA clients. The new version features wireless functionality, offline mode and a plethora of adaptors for every use-case.

  • ChameleonTiny Pro (Wireless Version)
    The Pro Version of the ChameleonTiny brings wireless capability to the world's smallest 13.56MHz RFID Emulator.
  • New SDR Tools: HackRF One, RTL-SDR
    We've launched a new SDR category, with tools matching every budget and use-case - from the entry-level budget RTL-SDR, the solid HackRF One, up to the insane BladeRF.
  • USB Analysis: BlugBlat EzSniffer, MiniSniffer
    Two tools to allow for cross-platform, low cost USB Protocol Analysis in the lab and also in the field - the BlugBlat USB Sniffers.

New: Lab401 Certified Training Workshops

Lab401 has partnered with industry experts to provide in-person training workshops. Workshops can be tailored for individuals and groups, with skill levels ranging from beginner to expert.

  • Physical Pentesting: With Covert Entry
    Physical penetration without infraction is a cornerstone of penetration testing. Clients of all experience levels will leave this workshop proficient physical penetration testers. Read more →

  • RF Hacking with Software Defined Radio
    In this 3-day workshop, clients will learn about Software-Defined Radio applied against physical intrusion system (alarms, remotes, etc.). Provides basics, survival reflexes when testing real-world radio devices and more. Read more →

  • BLE & RFID: Hacking and Securing Devices
    Over three days clients will receive theoretical and practical training on all aspects of BLE and RFID penetration testing. Covers basic theory, hardware & tools used to detect, manipulate, sniff, crack, emulate and clone various RFID systems and more. Read more →
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