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Storm La Bastille with Lab401: 10% Store-wide!

Storm La Bastille with Lab401: 10% Store-wide!

La Bastille was a fortress-prison inside Paris, known for holding political dissidents without trial during the period of the French Revolution.

On the  14th of July, 1789, it was stormed and overrun by the people - becoming a turning point in the Revolution, and a date of historical significance.

Today, infiltration would probably take a much different form - Employee Badges, RFID Entry Systems, CCTV and Network penetration.

At Lab401, we help Penetration Testers on a daily basis get the hardware they need: and to celebrate Bastille Day, you can enjoy a 10% discount store wide - from July 14 to July 17.

What tools would a modern day Bastille be infiltrated with? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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