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ARD RFID Blocker (Pack of 2) - NFC Jammer

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Active RFID Defence - Protect your RFID security

Sold in a pack of 2 cards

The Lab401 ARD RFID Defence Card protects against credential theft and unintentional data egress. Operating on the 13.56MHz frequency, it provides active defense to protect all 13.56MHz chipsets: NFC, EMV (Visa/Credit cards, TouchPass, etc), Passports, MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE NTAG®, SkiData, HID, SLI I-code, SLX Icode...

Unlike other 'RFID Protectors' that are actually Faraday cages, that require each card to be placed inside a sleeve, the Lab401 ARD RFID Defence Card actively blocks signals. It works above or below the target cards - meaning it can be simply placed into your wallet, or inside your passport, and all chipsets are protected.

No batteries needed, it takes its energy directly from the reader that's trying to access your cards.

Protects all your RFID 13,56MHz cards within a 45mm zone!

Custom printing is available for volume orders, please contact us.


    Gives 100% protection against skimming, sniffing, and all data theft.


    These Protection RFID Jamming card will last for years.

    Easy to Use

    Nothing to do, just keep it in close proximity to the tags you want to protect. RFID Jamming is done automatically.

    Hidden Feature

    These cards come with an embedded LED, allowing you to know when you are in proximity to a reader, even if it's hidden.

    Hands on: ARD RFID Blocker - NFC Jammer