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MIFARE Mini® Compatible - UID Modifable - Direct Write

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MIFARE Mini® Compatible UID Changeable tag - Direct Write

Need to make perfect clones of MIFARE Mini® Compatible 0.3k UID cards and tags ? Our UID Modifiable "Magic" MIFARE Mini® Compatible UID Direct Write tags are what you need.

Feature Information Notes
Chipset MIFARE Mini® Compatible
Memory Size 0.3k

UID Size 4 Byte
UID Modifiable ✔️ Multiple times
Chip Generation Gen 2
Chipset Generation Guide

UID Type Unlock Required DirectWrite One Time Write Notes
UID Type

Compatibility LibNFC Proxmark Android Notes
UID Writing ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ MifareMiniTool recommended for Android
Card Writing ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Non-Block0 writing supported by all devices
Card Reading ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Card reading supported by all devices

Not all 'Magic' cards are alike. There are many chipset types, each with different levels of reliability and functionality. Lab401 has spent years sourcing, testing and visiting factories to find the most reliable and flexible 'magic' cards on the market.


The UID of MIFARE Mini® Compatible 0.3k UID Modifiable tags is comprised of two parts: the UID itself, and the BCC. The BCC is a checksum value calculated from the UID. If the BCC is incorrect, tag will be rejected by the reader.

Most RFID tools, such as the Proxmark, LibNFC, MCT etc automatically calculate the BCC when the UID is modified. If you are modifying the UID by hand, it is vital that the BCC is correctly calculated.

Lab401 cannot provide support or refunds under any circumstances for cards that were 'bricked' due to incorrect UID/BCC configuration.

Hands on: See the card in action

Like all of the Magic cards supplied by Lab401, the MIFARE Mini® Compatible 1K UID Changeable via Direct Write card is compatible and integrated into all of your favourite tools: Android, Proxmark 3, libnfc, etc.
Using the cards is incredibly simple - check out the demonstration below.