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Opera Cake for HackRF

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The Opera Cake is an antenna and filter router for your HackRF, allowing for automated switcing (via frequency or time), or manually, via command-line.

Although it can be used independently, the Opera Cake's killer feature is automatic antenna routing when used with the HackRF.

Without any modifications in the SDR Software, automatically route output to specifc antennas, filters, amplifiers, etc.

It is also compatible out-of-the-box with the HackRF One's spectrum analyser. The hackrf_sweep command can automatically sweep across multiple antennas.

Up to 8x Auto Switched Antennas

Connect your HackRF One to multiple antennas, with automatic switching depending on frequency or timing. Configure once, and never fiddle with your antenna config again.

Up to 4x Filter Bank

The Opera Cake an also run in a 4x Filter Bank, allowing transmissions to be automatically routed though the filters of your choice without having to reconnect hardware every time.

Key Features

  • Autoswitching - via frequency or time
  • Manual Control - via CLI
  • Antenna Router - Connect and route up to 8x external antennas.
  • Filter Bank Router  - Connect and route up to 4x external filters
  • Deep HackRF Compatibility - One command configuration on the HackRF - no need to rebuild, reconfigure, recompile, or get frustrated.
  • GreatFET Compatible - Can be driven by the GreatFet

What's included

  • 1x Opera Cake

Device Specifications

  • Banks: 2x Banks (A0 - A4, B0 - B4)
  • Ports: 2x Primary Ports, 8x usable ports in 2x banks (A1 - A4, B1 - B4)