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How to Install & Setup and SD Card in your Flipper Zero

How to Install & Setup and SD Card in your Flipper Zero

In this video, Lab401 walks you through the process of installing, formatting and testing a microSD card for your Flipper.
By plugging in a microSD Card, firmware updates, RFID tags, remote-control databases, payloads and scripts can all be stocked without having to juggle for memory like it was 1995.

Important note: The Flipper Zero uses the SPI-interface on microSD cards, not the standard SDIO interface. As a result, many off-brand / grey market / cheap SD cards will not work, or not work reliably with the device.

Lab401 provides microSD cards that are directly sourced from the manufacturer, and guaranteed to work with the Flipper Zero.

For more information, please see the Lab401's Flipper Zero MicroSD Card.

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