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Lab401 Pentester Pack

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Original price €555.00
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Current price €460.00
Pack Version: Basic


The Lab401 Pentester Pack is a curated collection of the must-have tools used by pentesters every day. With this pack, you are equipped to face virtually any pentest scenario you'll ever face: RFID Testing, cracking, sniffing, emulating, reading, writing, debugging, programming, SDR/RF Capture, Replay, Decoding.. BadUSB/Rubber Ducky attacks, Infrared, Wifi and more.

Incredible value: save up to €145.00!

Which pack is right for me?

The Lab401 Pentester Pack has three tiers: Basic, Standard and Advanced, which correspond to different user requirements and budgets. Use our guide below to understand which pack is best suited to your needs.

  • Basic Pack
    The most affordable way to get the minimum hardware required for RFID Pentesting work. Detect, manipulate and emulate Low-Frequency and High Frequency RFID systems without breaking the budget.

    The Basic Pack is based on the Proxmark 3 RDV4.01.
  • Standard Pack
    Built on the foundations of the Budget Pack, but builds on flexibility, portability and performance. The tools in the Standard Pack are portable and autonomous, allowing you to work faster both in the field and at the desk.

    The Proxmark 3 is replaced with the iCopy-XS - a powerful, portable, Proxmark-powered RFID cloning and manipulation tool. The Basic + Intermediate iCopy-X card packs are included.

    The Flipper Zero adds huge functionality in one pocket-sized tool: RFID reading, writing and emulation, RF/SDR Capture, Replay, Decoding and Analysis, BadUSB / RubberDucky, Infrared Capture, Replay and Universal Remote, and USB-Serial Debugging.

    Lab401 recommends the Standard Pack for most clients.
  • Advanced Pack
    The Advanced Pack includes full accessories for the iCopy-X and the Flipper Zero, The iCopy-XS Advanced Tag Pack allows for cloning of almost every possible type of RFID chipset, and the Flipper Zero accessories add WIFI attacks (deauth / capture / etc) and GPIO Development functionality.

Functionality at a glance

Each version of the Lab401 Pentester Pack has been optimised for a specific purpose. We've broken down the most important features of each pack below, so you can work out which pack you need to get the job done.

Basic Standard Advanced
Frequency Detection
Read / Write
Crack / Decode / Demodulate
Portable / Standalone
Autonomous / Auto Copy Mode
Advanced Card Writing

RF (Sub GHz)
Spectrum Analyser

Frequency Scanner

Capture / Replay

Decode Fixed & Rolling Codes

Additional Functionality
BadUSB (DuckyScript compatible)

Infrared (Capture / Replay / Universal Remote)

USB-to-Serial Debugger

GPIO Development

Wifi Attacks (Deauth / Capture etc)

What's included?

The Lab401 Pentester Pack has a curated selection of tools to meet your specific goals. The Basic Version delivers the minimum tools required to give a strong foundation in pentesting. The Standard Version focuses on portability, ease of use and additional functionality. The Advanced Pack aims to cover all possible scenarios with the smallest number of tools.

Please see the individual product pages for more information about each product.

Basic Standard Advanced
Standard Tools
LibNFC compatible USB thumbdrive for cross-platform reading/writing/cracking.
RFID Field Detector
Rapidly detect and determine the frequency of LF and HF RFID readers.
Multi-RFID Keyfob
Ultra-portable keyfob with 6 embedded UID-modifiable LF & HF RFID tags
Proxmark 3 RDV4.01
Industry standard device for RFID manipulation, cracking, debugging and testing.

Long Range HF + LF Antennas
Medium & Long-Range LF + HF antennas for the Proxmark

SIM/SAM Adaptor
Manipulate SIM/SAM cards with this adaptor for the Proxmark

Portable Proxmark-based device specialised in the rapid cloning of RFID badges

Basic Card Pack
Must-have selection of the most common LF & HF Blank RFID cards.

Intermediate Card Pack
Pack of more specialised LF & HF RFID tags.

Advanced Card Pack
Pack of highly-advanced / high-security blankd RFID cards.

Flipper Zero
Flipper Zero
The ultimate portable pentester multi-tool. RFID, RF/SDR, Infrared, BadUSB, GPIO, Bluetooth and more

32GB MicroSD Card
Flipper Compatible 32GB microSD card necessary to use the Flipper Zero.

Silicone Protective Case
High-quality soft-touch protective case for the Flipper Zero.

GPIO Protoboards
Hot-pluggable Dev boards are controlled directly Flipper for custom hardware

Wifi Dev Board
Enables internet connectivity and wifi attacks (deauth, packet capture, etc)

5x MIFARE Classic® Compatible 1K UID Modifiable Coin Tags
Lab401 Stickers

The Lab401 Pentester Packs are built to meet the needs of all pentesters. Whether you're a hobbyist, getting started in the industry, confirmed professional or an LEA entity, the Pentester Pack has a version curated to meet your needs.

Each product in the Pentester Pack is covered by Lab401's two-year warranty and backed by our incredible customer support. Orders are packed, protected and shipped from our French warehouse. With door-to-door tracking, the Lab401 Delivery Guarantee and secure anonymous packaging, Lab401 is your trusted partner for pentesting hardware.

If you have any questions regarding the packs, or which pack is right for you, reach our to our excellent customer support :


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