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Back to work sale: 10% Store-wide

Back to work sale: 10% Store-wide

European Summer holidays are over - which means many of us are back at the desk.


Lab401 has been working hard over the holidays to add dozens of new products: The full range of Proxmark 3 RDV 4.01 accessories, new USB RFID readers, and more.


Simply use the promo code B2W2019 to apply your discount.


Check out the product updates:

  • RFID Pentester Pack Updated!

    We have overhauled the RFID Pentester Pack, to include the latest Proxmark 3 RDV4.01 Device, Antennas and accessories. All packs come with the SIM/SAM adaptors, and the Full pack has a deep discount.

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  • Proxmark Antenna Update Pack New!

    The new RDV4.01 has updated antennas, boasting better performance and the new 125KHz Q-Switch and F-Switch.
    If you've got the RDV 4 - there's no need to buy a new device, you can grab the new antennas at a great price.

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  • Long Range Antennas New!

    High performance, long range 13.56MHz and 125KHz Antennas - delivery highly optimised, long range performance for your in-field operations.

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